Playboy Bunny Suit (Plus Size)

Playboy Bunny Suit (Plus Size)

Playboy Bunny Suit Ears, Collar and Cuffs Made by Turtle528 2013Playboy Bunny Suit Front Made by Turtle528

Playboy Bunny Suit Back and Tail Made by Turtle528Playboy Bunny Suit Back Bra Strap Hooks Made by Turtle528

Playboy Bunny Suit Front Bra Strap Hooks Made by Turtle528


*Note on Shipping

Please note that there have been claims by a disreputable commissioner, supposedly based in Canada, specifically Quebec.  This commissioner claims “Shipping ANYWHERE outside Canada can take anywhere from a few days to two months.” This claim is patently untrue.

Canada Post, the postal service which is used throughout Canada is responsible for mail delivery locally, nationally, and internationally.  Though postal delivery rates both inside and outside Canada are high, the service is reputable and very dependable.

As a commissioner who uses this service quite regularly, my packages are delivered within 4-5 business days.  Delivery confirmation and tracking, are also factored into this service.

The only problem I have ever had with delivery from Canada, was when I have used the priority delivery service Purolator Courier, in order to get a next day delivery to a client.

Using a Canadian commissioner, should not be discounted, because of misinformation regarding the Canadian postal delivery service.